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In Chinese astrology, the Dragon and Dog are not believed to be really compatible partners.

Curiously this is so despite many similar traits which the two animal signs happen to possess, like a high-minded approach to life and being protective of loved ones.

They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden.

Thus both the Dragon and Dog are the least likely among all Chinese zodiac animals to be associated with treachery and dishonesty.

The Dragon is likely to resent such attempts, used as he/she is to being in control of every aspect of their lives and living life king-size.

The Rooster is not the easiest personality to understand much less love among all the other animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Thus when two Roosters come together to form a pair, the relationship has as much potential for success as for conflict.

The similarities in case of the Dragon and Dog seem to be expressed in ways which only accentuate their basically contrary natures and priorities.

High points of a Dragon-Dog love match One of the basic ways that a Dragon and Dog could come together is on strength of a shared value system.

While the Dragon may not forge deeply sentimental connections with their partners, when it comes to protecting them from the vagaries of life and offering strong mental support, the Dragon comes out trumps.

Likewise the Dog is very caring by nature and can be trusted to come up with both words of sympathy as well as practical aid in times of need.

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