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A young supermodel, Lula Landry has fallen to her death from the balcony of her Mayfair flat.

I think Strike notices that straight away.‘Robin’s the woman you want to be. She’s got her strong morals and she sticks to them, but she manages to be so lovely to people.

Or maybe the years of listening to other peoples problems have simply driven them over the edge. It's just that the last psychiatrist that I saw had an exact double of me made and tried to have me killed.

The nut and bolts of this trope is mostly a psychologist who is, quite simply, either evil or crazy, however they put their abilities to use.

Mental illness or psychological trauma can be serious, damaging issues that may need many months, if not years, of serious and dedicated care from a highly trained and understanding professional.

This trope is what happens when you take those professionals and add a sprinkle of Ax-Crazy, Torture Technician, and / or Manipulative Bastard.

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