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In fact, what he said about his wife was that she "moved only a block away and we remain best friends.The problem was never our feelings for each other but rather the restrictions of blending two sets of preferences." What makes Scott Adams cry tears of joy is his single life: "I was free to reinvent my social life in any fashion I liked.And I had the resources to do just that." In reinventing his life, Adams established three pillars: "Sex and Everything Else Partners." They look to each other to fulfill all of their needs and make all of their wishes come true, and they see that as romantic rather than unrealistic or risky.

I once worked at a company where EVERY purchase had to be approved by the Purchasing Dept.

Then he started telling me about his exwife, his boys and all his problems with the divorce.

At a point in the conversation I interrupted him(primarily on account of Bella De Paulo).

New rule: I don't want to hear about your marriage, your divorce and your screwed up personal life. The fact that she’s single, does not want to get married, involved in a lot of activities (aka don’t have time for a relationship). I remain good friends with my "wasband" and we just took a weekend trip together.

I usually prefer to travel alone, but when I do travel alone, I get to do everything I want to, so I felt a little more free to give-and-take last weekend.

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