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As he runs away his scarf is caught in the bushes, this places him at the scene of the crime but does not mean he did it.She takes his scarf and puts it around her neck and is crying for him, she clearly does value their friendship and feels upset for him.I think at this point the boy realises he has been shut out of his fathers life.

I agree that clearly the boy moved to this small town after the separation of his mother and father, I think for the time period probably she left the previous town because of shame of marriage breakdown, and her husband, a military officer clearly had high status within the community and little shame would have fallen on him.

I am sure he couldn't understand what the lovely Mary was doing with the town outcast.

He had pictures and I am sure he confronted her (and her boyfriend in the car) about her liaisons with the boy.

Probably Mary was dating a young man with high status in the town (on the fact she is very beautiful and in small towns that means status) and after the officer left he felt that Mary had betrayed him, he then became insanely jealous and strangled her with the scarf, he must have known was the boys and dumped the body in the river.

How could he tolerate his girl spending what appeared to be romantic times with the town freak??

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