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I've stored my "extras" in an envelope for future use....doesn't take that long to apply them.I will remove them when the downstairs is finished to prevent any mishaps when the unit is upstairs again. I'm glad you found the information you needed for it to work in your home. They perform a service in which I don't like to perform.After looking online again I realized I should have cut the tin foil longer like you show above with the paper.I readded new longer tin foil but it didn't work this time. Then I tried the smaller pieces of foil like before. At that point I was really confused and tired of working on my robot that is suppose to give me less work and stress, not more. this paper easily did the trick and it doesn't seam to be as finnicky or hard to work with as tin foil.I bought the 530 model and am quasi thinking I should have bought a higher model to get the "lighthouses" as opposed to the 2 "walls" that came with it...I don't really need a scheduler as I'm retired.... I'm sure you will get addicted, and add Roomba's, or a Scooba to your fleet!! I'm sure I'll continue to use the forum, be an active member, and hopefully make some sort of meaningful contribution as I become more familiar with the product.

When I have my kitchen light on, and while the Roomba is in the kitchen working, he won't drive fast until I turn off the light, which is a CF bulb.As I was preparing to cut the copy paper I realized that if I drew a grid pattern on the sheet I could get as many as 25 of these "blinders" from the one sheet - time and tree saver !!After you cut the 1" excess piece from both sides (of a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet) you'll be left with 25 rectangles.Fascinating device am quite pleased with it thus far....I was quite surprised to find this forum - which has been most helpful already after I found my first issue with the Roomba....

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Once you cut them in one direction, you can pile them on top of one another and only have to make the minimal amounts of cuts.

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