Facebook calendar not updating blackberry calendar

I found it under swype but it will not let me add words. Every time I type my daughters name in a text it misspells. Jay3006 asked Verizon Wireless: Q: Is the 16 GB memory expandable? The 16GB of onboard memory is preset but the device also has expandable memory with a Micro SD card up to 64 GB. When I'm trying to "Press 4" while on a call, the keypad screen appears randomly for a second then disappears.

Where can I fix this I am getting an insufficient memory message on my phone and purchased a 32GB card to supplement the memory, but keep getting the same message. It takes a while to press any key, and then sometimes it gets the number more than once, since I'm pressing repeatedly to try to hit when...

My old phone allowed me to back up my contacts to my PC as .a csv file. I am new to Galaxy/Android and want to import my contacts from a VCF file on my PC. Everything has been backed up to the cloud on my computer except for my contacts. If I look at the cloud Icon on my phone my contacts are there. I have an Android Galaxy S4 phone and I am using...

I am hoping someone can tell me how to import these contacts to the S4. I connected the phone to the PC and can move files back and forth, but the Phone's Contact app's menu list does not include the prescribed import/export function. How can I determine which app used most all of my 2GB data in a 2 hour period while I was asleep?

My screen is not working and when I plug the USB into my computer I can access all my other picture folders (Instagram, Screenshots, Snap Chat) but cannot find the 'regular' pics I took. My phone says sending to card when try to start camera and then freezes my phone.

Trying to download a new app but can't because of the insufficient memory message. I have to turn it off (standby) and on in order to use it again, and when I go back to the recent apps menu, some apps are still not closed. Hi, I just got a Galaxy S4 mini ( I19195) through my french carrier, the phone will be unlocked soon. If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. Would like one that has the phone kind of standing up not a pad kind.And would I need a charger back for my phone to make it work. I ordered a Black Mist s4 from Verizon online and received a Black Mist s4 with "white" charge cord and "white" headphones. I am new to Verizon, new to Android, and just acquired an S4.well last night I went to my truck to get phone, unplugged...It seems ever since the os update I can no longer access my clock functions.

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