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As that grievance was slowly working its way through the process, she applied to become a full-time, paid firefighter with the department—the idea being she could work at any of the other HRM fire stations.

The designs were created for us by a professional architect and are mindful of the residential component of our neighborhood and include creating green buffers to enhance the area surrounding the properties.[Chelsi] Ferguson said she has no idea why the properties being rentals would be “relevant in any way,” since renters contribute to the community just like homeowners, and the thought a parking lot is an improvement to any housing is “absurd.” What with the brouhaha over the Steele Auto Group’s plan to bulldoze a north end neighbourhood and turn it into an expanded Colonial Honda parking lot, Stephen Archibald decided to take a stroll down Kempt Road, which was long ago given over to car dealerships: The Saint Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association is proposing that much of the former Mersey Bowater land off Highway 103 be turned into a park.This park would be designed to continue current usage patterns such as ATV rallies, hiking, fishing, and camping. With the view of preserving this excellent recreational area, we are planning the park with other community groups that share our desire to preserve the heritage and quality of life in the St. The pleasure is that I was able to participate in (Sunday’s) Merchant Marine monument unveiling on the Sydney waterfront with fellow members of the Cape Breton Naval Veterans Association (CBNVA) and our surviving Merchant Navy veterans, although there were a few veterans who were unable to attend.It was wonderful to see their service acknowledged and the monument depicts the horrors of shipwrecked sailors hoping to be plucked from the ocean.And there are many times when the Twitterverse pulls the rug out from under the Powers That Be, which unfortunately too often include the mainstream media. “A fight against gender discrimination, retribution and gossip at a Halifax fire station is approaching its final stage as the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission (HRC) refers the case to a public Board of Inquiry,” reports Robert Devet: “I fought tooth and nail for this for a very long time,” says Liane Tessier, a former firefighter.All the same, at the outer edges of the pulling-the-rug-out-from-underism is an unhinged culture of shame, when the hive mind of the Twitterverse sets out to utterly destroy those deemed evil. “My hope is for my case to be a catalyst for legal change for women and gender rights all across Canada.”The short version of Tessier’s complaint to the Human Rights Commission is that she was denied a job with the fire department only because of negative recommendations from two men she had already complained about.

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She didn’t know about the Fort Mc Murray fire — the horrible, devastating fire — and made flippant remarks about people in Fort Mc Murray enjoying exceptionally warm weather. Some examples: Evidently, some people cannot criticize a woman without using the worst of misogynist and racist terms.

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