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Start to stare at the center of the rose, its heart. Savor its fragrance and think only about the wonderful object in front of you. The secret of happiness is simple: find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy towards doing it. Set clearly defined personal, professional and spiritual goals, and then have the courage to act on them; i. Step two is to create positive pressure to keep you inspired. Do the things you fear Do the things you fear, and the death of fear is certain. The 10 Ancient Rituals for Radiant Living (a) Ritual of Solitude, spends 15 to 50 minutes daily for a time of silence and peace to know who you really are; (b) Ritual of Physicality, as you care for the body so you care for the mind.

Once you do this, abundance flows into your life and all your desires are filled with ease and grace. The third step is a simple one: never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it. As you prepare your body, so you prepare your mind. Take some time every single day to nourish the temple of your body through vigorous exercise. (e) Ritual of Personal Reflection, review all you have done during the day, find the wrong action that you have committed and find a way to solve it and not to repeat the next day.

Never neglect to see the exquisite beauty in all living things. (g) Ritual of Music, never forget the power of music. (h) Ritual of the Spoken Word, develop a positive self-talk. When you resolve to lift your life to its highest level, the strength of your soul will guide you to a magical place with magnificent treasures. The more you nurture the embryo of self-discipline, the more it will mature; iii.

Spend a little time with it every day, even if it is listening to a soft piece on a cassette while you drive to work. Use it anytime you want for any purpose you want to achieve. (i) Ritual of Congruent Character, take daily, incremental action to build your character. Sow a character, you reap your destiny.' (j) Ritual of Simplicity, live a simple life. Willpower is the essential virtue of a fully actualized life. Mantras/Creative Envisioning Repeat this at least thirty times a day: 'I am more than I appear to be, all the world's strength and power rests inside me.' See yourself as a disciplined, firm person, fully in control of your mind, your body and your spirit.

' Then think about how you would treat your family, your colleagues and even those who you don't know.

Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again. The quality of your life ultimately comes down to the quality of your contribution; ii.

Strengthening your character affects the way you see yourself and the actions you take. Picture yourself acting as Gandhi or Mother Teresa might act in a challenging situation. The Vow of Silence Spend some time or a full day in silence, except to answer a direct question.

The actions you take come together to form your habits and, this is important, your habits lead you to your destiny. When you can hold your tongue, you can increase the control of your body. Time is your most precious commodity and it is nonrenewable; ii. This ancient rule is similar to the 80/20 concept that says our 20% activities give 80% of the result.

The principle lessons of the book are as follows: i. Whenever a negative slide comes up on the screen, take swift action to replace it with a positive one. The Secret of the Lake This technique was applied by the sages.Nelson thought he hit the jackpot by getting a paid internship the summer after his sophomore year of majoring in Software Engineering.Not only was it a programming job, it was in his hometown at the headquarters of a large hardware store chain known as Value Ace.He was assigned to what was known as the "Internet Team", the group responsible for the Value Ace e Commerce website.It all sounded high-tech and fun, sure to continue to inspire Nelson towards his intended career.

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Cultivate your mind – it will blossom beyond your expectation; ii. The sages would look into the waters of the still lake and envision their dreams becoming reality. Everything is created twice, first in the mind, and then it is realized in a physical form.

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