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I read the glowing reviews on this page which are mostly positive and thought I'd give it a chance.

I ordered it online direct from the Victoria Secret website.

They're typically fruity and sweet, youthful, and catering to the under 18 girls who go shopping there. I love the cologne spray with the heart shaped bottle.

It has a plastic cheap look and even though it has the gold heart design with a lovely amber liquid, it still looks a bit cheap.

I loved this then and still appreciate it today, although I can barely stand to walk in to what has become of the VS establishment/brand.

Anyway, this is heavy on orange blossom, amber, spices and smells golden, slightly sweet, dry and boozey on my skin. If you enjoy: Avon Rare Gold, Red Pearl, Tuscany Per Donna by Estee Lauder, Raffinee, Escada Escada Collection, or Revlon Fire and Ice, I feel you may have an appreciation for this. ❤️ This is one of my top favorite scents of all time. It's a sweet, woody, ambery, very feminine perfume.

Such a golden glamorous romantic amber perfume with a spicy floral musky air.

The amber note in the last stage of the dry down is quite lovely but for me it's a vanilla fragrance that it becomes when it concludes it's performance. All I can smell in the end when the driest part of the dry down emerges is good vanilla. In fact this is a very well made and luxurious mature floral fragrance for a woman who would wear the same notes if it was on another perfume.

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The flowers are not too strong nor too realistic like green floral. Smell sexy and good for wearing when you want to dress up in beautiful dress and go to dinner with husband.

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