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At this point, many frustrated animal lovers can commit an act they’d previously thought abhorrent: They buy a dog, cat, bird, or guinea pig from a pet store or breeder. A few months ago during a Dear Prudence chat, I mentioned in passing how ridiculous some rescue groups were.

Jen Doe said her boyfriend’s family lives on fenced farm property with sheep, but they weren’t allowed to adopt a border collie—whose is herding sheep—because the group insisted it never be allowed off-leash.Fed up, we decided to buy a puppy and found a lovely breeder, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lily, has made us all ecstatic.Katie wrote that she wanted to adopt a retired racing greyhound but was told she was not eligible unless she already had an adopted greyhound.By the turn of the millennium around 400 rescue groups were posting their furry darlings on Petfinder.Today, almost 14,000 groups post 320,000 available animals on the site.

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