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It makes a very lightweight game regarding system requirement.

Miniclip then started promoting the game on various social media, and soon the game was launched on Facebook, i OS, and Android platforms.

The center of attraction- the pool table which consists of rails, cushions and colored cloth. Apart from this only the player and the opponent’s cue are visible.

The center of the screen displays the avatar, money and the general statistics of the two players.

This game is played on the pool table with 16 balls at a time (8 solid balls and eight striped balls), the game also has many regional variations, but the standard eight-ball game features second to nine-ball game as the second most competitive pool game in the professional circuit.

Miniclip, the world’s most extensive privately owned website for online gaming has designed, maintained and operated many online games since it was started by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie back in 2001.

One of the ways that Miniclip can make money out of the players of this game is the in-game or in-app purchases, where the players can buy the games pool coins or pool cash with cash.

This vast array of languages available for the players combined with the chat translation option is one of the reasons why the games community has spread all over the world and consists of people from many countries, ethnicity, and ages.The craze of the actual 8-ball pool game has been translated into a free virtual game.It can run on straightforward flashed enabled websites.The 8 Ball Pool game is available on Android/i OS devices as well as it could be played online.It has made a huge fan base with its simple but great gameplay, easy accessibility, multiplayer options and impressive features.

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