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the group eventually managed to arrange an audition with singer Perri "Pebbles" Reid, who had started her own management and production company, Pebbitone.Impressed by the girls, Reid renamed the group TLC-Skee, with "TLC" being an Initialism for the names Tionne, Lisa, and Crystal.

The girls were then signed to La Face in May through the production deal with Pebbitone; their records would be distributed by Arista Records/BMG.

Reid released the group from its management deal, but they remained signed to Pebbitone, and Reid continued to receive a share of their earnings.

Also in 1994, TLC played the musical group "Sex as a Weapon" in the New Line Cinema feature film House Party 3, starring Kid 'n Play.

Jones did not want to sign before having the contract reviewed by others and perhaps a lawyer. As they looked for a replacement for Jones, the two-member TLC-Skee made its first recorded appearance on a track for La Face act Damian Dame's self-titled 1991 LP.

at about which time the group's name was shortened to TLC.

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In 1990, Atlanta, Georgia–based record producer Ian Burke and one of his clients, a teenager named Crystal Jones, came up with a concept for a girl group with a tomboyish, hip-hop image, similar to the blend of contemporary R&B and hip hop music of new jack swing act Bell Biv De Voe.

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