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I decided to get out of there asap as it was a volatile situation and you never know what’s going to happen as opponents reinforcements can be summonsed, so I walked to the main road and a taxi pulls over to the curb ahead of me and it’s Mr M & Future in a taxi leaving the Mansion beckoning me to get in as luck would have it, we then drive back to the Comfort Inn recounting our nights adventures.

The result was immediate, she called within 5 minutes of my voice message and our breakfast meet was agreed to be at my hotel 15 minutes later, I get a text from her soon saying she was in my hotel car park.

And the fundamental of that path of everyone’s game should be to get their target comfortable and in isolation with you as soon as possible without appearing needy or making her feel awkward.

I get asked will I see this girl again, my answer is maybe on the basis if the logistics suit me.

As an instinct I torqued my body off my right foot rotating to the left and punched him with a right cross straight on his jaw and he staggered back a few feet with shock and surprise on his face.

I want to make it clear that I don’t condone violence for a second and its best to avoid a physical altercation at all costs.

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While we talked in the shuttle bus line some AFC guy who must have been gaming her earlier came over and started reinitiating conversation with her, I’m equipped to deal with this so I ran a few routines that got her laughing and I could tell this guy was getting shut down and pissed, just as we were boarding the bus he jumps ahead in the line and sits next to her on the bus, so I sit at the back of the bus.

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